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Hello, visitor! Here on, I write about American culture’s idiosyncratic corners, from the head-scratching, double-take-inducing to the blood-pressure-raising and rant-provoking. With a particular eye on environmental issues and an abiding love of art in all its forms, I write because I have questions and like to think things through. I figure that if I have questions, other people probably do, too, and I believe that airing and exploring those questions together is more important even than finding answers.

I grew up in central North Carolina and spent my twenties studying creative writing, literature, and art history in places as far-flung as Houston, Texas, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and College Park, Maryland. Provisioned with degrees and loads of memories of the wise and thoughtful people I wrote and studied with, I taught college English and high-school English for a couple of decades, trying to transmogrify what I’d learned about reading and writing and being human into teachable form and nurture the bright and hopeful minds of the generations after me. 
Now retired from teaching, I’m making my way again as a writer of cultural analysis, memoir, and poetry, always looking for a meeting of the minds. Thanks for stopping by!

Besides blogging on Howeverthink, I also post regularly on (@oneofthejenns). My poems and essays have appeared in a number of literary magazines, most recently,, Columbia College Literary Review, Rumble Fish Quarterly, and Stonecrop Magazine. In 2018, my essay, “Landscape with Death and Birth,” was selected for the Linda Flowers Literary Award from the NC Humanities council. The essay is forthcoming in North Carolina Literary Review (Summer 2019).